Découvrez la chambre 3120

Enjoy the surprising experience of a connected night!
Novotel and Microsoft revolutionise the hotel: Welcome to the room of the future!
Code name: 3120

Novotel and Microsoft have joined together to invent a new kind of room, straight out of the future.

A unique experience where innovation and design are the keywords

The room of the future 3120 offers the best of technology and invents a new architectural concept.
Modern and modular, 3120 welcomes you alone, in a couple or family (up to two children under 16) in a space where the room's functionalities and design have been entirely reinvented.

The room has two areas:

The first is more for adults. Painted white, it has an Xbox 360 with Kinect allowing you to play and also to watch films on demand, and a retractable bed so you can free up some room; thanks to the glass "capsule" on the terrace, you will feel as if you are flying a spaceship as you play the Xbox with an amazing view of Paris.

The second area has been designed to be used by children. With a tatami, heated beds and cosy quilts, your family is sure to experience a unique moment. New technologies are not lacking in this area either, with an Xbox 360 with Kinect, an interactive table and tactile surface for two or four hands.

A sensorial experience where you can also test out new products such as tactile PC tablets and the latest Windows Phone.
And so that your night flight is calm and sensual, the two areas with their minimalistic design are linked by a tactile mirror with built-in radio and real-time news feed.

This fleeting futuristic setting was designed with one objective in mind: move classic hotel room standards forwards while preserving all the comfort.

A wager on the future, with just one risk at stake: that clients won't want to leave the room!